Getting Started With Effects Pedals

Pedals 101: Overdrive, Fuzz and how the pedal chain works Hey fellow guitarists, this is Dan from Gracewinds here to talk to you briefly about getting started with your first effects pedals and building up your first pedalboard. When looking at pedals for the first time it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are literally […]

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Gracewinds is hiring!

We’re currently seeking candidates to fill two positions: Piano/Keyboard Sales and Band/Orchestra Sales. If you’re knowledgeable in one of these areas and are interested in joining the Gracewinds team, read on! Position Description: Full or part time sales positions, full time preferred. Ideal candidate is a self-starter who is friendly and enjoys working with all kinds […]

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3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Guitar

So you bought a Squier strat, a Yamaha entry level acoustic guitar, Epiphone Les Paul, or any other guitar under a few hundred dollars, and you’re wondering what’s the point in shelling out a few more bucks for an”intermediate” or “professional” instrument. Is there any real difference between a $200 guitar and a $700 one […]

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Di Zhao 400bof Flute

5 Tips for Protecting Your Instrument in Cold Weather

1) Protect your instrument from humidity and temperature changes Rapid changes in either can be damaging to nearly any instrument, especially those with wooden bodies like guitars, clarinets, violins, and other strings. Changes in humidity cause the wood to swell or shrink, and rapid changes can cause tuning issues and worse, cracks. Never leave your instrument […]

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